Waffle Flower August 2019 Release

Waffle Flower’s August release focuses on using stamps & dies to organize your ink and paper supplies and document your favorite color combos. The essential Color Combos Stamp Set (271264) is a 4×6 stamp set with 6 configurations of combo options. Use the Color Combos for Inkpads Stamp Set (271265) to fill in the configurations or use the coordinating Color Combos Die (310322) to cut out the configurations from paper.

I used the Color Combos for Inkpads Stamp Set to make these color swatches

Then I made these cards using the same stamp set!

This die also cuts six 2×2 squares for the popular coin-pocket-swatch-system. Color Combos Tag Die (310324) provides you the option of binding your swatch tags with a ring. For those who love to have everything pre-configured, we have the 2×3 Combo Swatch Stamp Set (271266) with lines for notes and Combo Swatch Tag Die (310325) to cut it out perfectly for quick and easy swatch organization. For more customization, you can mix-n-match the lists from Bullet List Stamp Set (271267) with the configurations from Color Combos Stamp Set (271264) for a similar look. We also have Bouquet Builder 5 (5×7 stamp, die, combo) with another gorgeous bouquet from Karla Jodoin, Make Waves (2×3 stamp) with a cute mermaid mouse from Liz Mytinger, and Big Dots (A2 panel die, stamp, combo) designed by JJ Bolton for a bold and graphic look. Also upon popular request, you can now use Watercolor Swatches Matching Die (310320) to coordinate with your Color Swatches for Watercolors Stamp Set (271212) and ATC Layers Die (310326) for your artist trading cards. 

Please find the hop list below:

Waffle Flower https://waffleflower.com/blogs/news/waffle-flower-2019-august-release

Cathy Zielske https://www.cathyzielske.com/2019/08/new-swatching-tools-from-waffle-flower-crafts/

Laura Bassen https://www.laurafadora.com/?p=3383

Jessica Frost-Ballas https://www.allthesparkle.com/wfhop819

Amy Rysavy https://prairiepaperandink.typepad.com/amyr/2019/07/waffle-flower-august-2019-release-hop.html

Renee Day http://www.thediyday.com/2019/07/24/3-projects-using-waffle-flowers-color-combo-bundle/

Alexandra Stapleton http://www.thehedgehoghollow.com/waffle-flower-new-release-hop-august-2019

JJ Bolton http://www.jjbolton.org/search/label/Waffleflower

Channin Pelletier https://channin.wordpress.com/2019/08/05/waffle-flower-crafts-august-release/

Rebecca Keppel https://www.myclutteredcorner.com/2019/08/waffle-flower-august-2019-release-blog.html

Keeway Tsao https://wp.me/p7pJ2x-2Gi

Alix Davis http://alixsworld.com/waffle-flower-2019-august-release-blog-hop

Kelli Cool https://cools.cards/?p=1088

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